South Park: The Game - The most controversial game of the year

Did you expect anything less?

There are five character classes in South Park: The Game - Fighter, Mage, Thief, Cleric and 'Jew'. That alone will be enough to tell you what developers Obsidian are going for in their latest licensed RPG, and should give you some idea of the hot water they'll land themselves in in the process.

In the wild, headline-baiting world of South Park, anything goes. It might star some innocent looking kids, but those kids are sure to be bleeding, cussing and bludgeoning gingers to death within mere minutes of the opening. 18 certificate: guaranteed.

That's because South Park's forthcoming fantasy RPG game is grounded in very controversial reality. When Cartman and his crew cast fire spells on their enemies, they're really lobbing flaming tennis balls in their direction. And when they're debuffing the opposition's ranks, they're doing so with swear words designed to intimidate and upset.


Instead of axes and staffs, the gang carry wooden swords, twigs, ninja stars and other knick-knacks picked up from around town. Cherish them well as you'll be upgrading the same tools over and over rather than ditching them for newer, shinier toys found in chests.

It's exciting stuff, as is news that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are heading up the writing. And as huge gamers themselves, they're having a big say on content.

An example of their influence? The nearly-invincible super-bosses dotted around South Park that play similar roles to Final Fantasy VII's Ruby and Emerald Weapons... Epic...

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