Starbreeze 'not super satisfied' with Syndicate dev time, 'could have done more'

Lead co-op programmer still "really proud" of end result

A key member of Starbreeze's Syndicate development team has said he's "not super satisfied" with how long he's had to work on the first-person remake.


Speaking in a recent interview, lead co-op programmer Lars Magnus Lang said while he's proud of how the game's turned out, he feels the studio "could have done even more" given an extra six months.

Asked if Starbreeze has had enough time to work on Syndicate, Lang said: "Let me put it this way: I'm really proud of the end result, but I'm not super satisfied. I want to have been able to have done more, but that's always the feeling you get.

"Unless someone says, okay, enough, we need to ship it, development will go on and on forever more or less or until everyone gets bored with it. It's been a long production: it's good to finally ship it, but at the same time, you always think, if we could have had half a year more, we could have done even more."

The long-rumoured reboot was finally announced in September last year and will release later this month - a short five month window in the public eye.

Development has been whispered about since 2008, though CVG understands playable code came into existence much more recently.

In early 2010 the Swedish developer cancelled a game based on Jason Bourne, which was also due to be published by EA, and key staff left to form a rival studio.

A Syndicate demo hit Xbox Live and PSN this week. Read our Syndicate co-op impressions if you're considering pressing the pre-order button.