New Raccoon City movie reveals power weapons DLC

See Resident Evil OCR's power weapons and compete in our Reaction Time challenge

There's been a wealth of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City movies recently, but the newest reveals the power weapons bonus DLC pack for the game.

Where can you get to sample such Resi Evil OCR goodness? Simple, head on over to our splendid Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Reaction Time Challenge, where you can sign up, form your own Umbrella Security Service squad and compete to win exclusive Resi Evil prizes including signed artwork and HD TVs.

Revealed in this newest movie is heavy ordinance like the combat shotgun with its drum barrel and semi-automatic fire for close quarter encounters, plus the anti-material rifle, a long-range sniper weapon for taking out heavy or armoured targets.


We've also included a brand new pic of Nemesis for your viewing pleasure on this page, but once you've watched the power weapons movie don't forget to note down the code to compete in our Reaction Time challenge. Full instructions are included below.


1) Head on over to the Operation Raccoon City page

2) Sign up and follow the instructions to form a squad of four Res Evil fans, by logging into Facebook and inviting your friends to join you.

3) Watch our weekly exclusive Operation Raccoon City video and prepare to enter the codes by watching videos displayed on the Resident Evil competition site.

4) The site displays the time until the release of the next Reaction Time video. Squads should assemble ready for this time and view the latest video.

5) During the video a code will be displayed. Each squad member must enter the code using the option provided.

6) A squad's reaction time is judged on the time taken between the first and last member to enter the code.

Prizes and eligibility
Each week, Capcom will award a prize to the squad with the best reaction time. Squads will not be eligible to win more than one weekly prize but must compete in at least 10 of the 20 prize draws in order to be entered for the chance to win the grand prize of TVs, Consoles and Raccoon City goodies.

Full competition rules can be found here