Raccoon City: Making Resident Evil without survival horror 'the biggest challenge'

Producer discusses crafting of shooter-orientated spin off

Masachika Kawata, producer of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has told CVG, the biggest obstacle in delivering the game was making a Resident Evil that didn't conform to the series' traditions.

Speaking in a recent interview, Kawata-san told CVG that, 'making a Resident Evil that was not [pure] survival horror was the biggest challenge.'

However Kawata said that he wasn't particularly concerned about alienating the series' fans, because he saw Raccoon City as very much an offshoot from the main series and also saw the game as a chance to appeal to a wider audience.


Kawata-san said: "In terms of the fans of traditional Resident Evil, I was not worried because we have the numbered titles as well. Also, we thought it was important to broaden our market by creating spin offs."

Presumably he also had more than an inkling that Resident Evil 6 was also on the way too.

Kawata-san added that he hopes the game will appeal 'to both existing and new Resident Evil fans' saying that long-standing fans would find much to enjoy with 'new and exciting content', while the more action-orientated nature of ORC would make 'new game fans notice the series and become interested in the Resident Evil universe'.

"I believe we managed to create a unique and exciting game." Kawata-san concluded.

Keep an eye out for the full interview appearing on CVG soon.