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"If Ed Boon makes a Mortal Kombat FPS, I'll never play games again"

Alright, you know how this goes by now so we won't waste any of your time. Below you'll find a few insightful, smart or chuckle worthy comments produced by... well, you lot.

We've singled out some of our favourites and stuck them below so that everyone else can tell you how awesome you are and aspire to be like you, or something along those lines. Keep up the great work folks.

Mass Effect 3 video details voice cast
Freddie Prinze Jr and Jessica Chobot? Ugh. Any chance of some DLC to remove them from the game?

We've heard that Chobot's loyalty mission involves rescuing the PSP she loves to lick Photoboy. You up for it?

Got to agree, no offense to Chobot but what in the f**k were they thinking?! Every time she appears I'm going to get ripped out of the immersion, reminded I'm playing a game and thinking "IGN!!!" :?

We've got nothing against Chobot, but Imaduck highlights why we'd prefer it she wasn't in there...

Liam Neeson should be in every game, film, song, book and cereal box, he's just that f**king awesome. Also needs Sean Connery for "Ah Reapersh we've dishmished that clayum" awesome. Why not Ron Pearlman actually? He'd really fit in as maybe a krogan or something.

Another excellent suggestion from Imaduck. The more Liam Neeson the better.

Prototype 2 Radnet Edition will offer 'hours of additional gameplay'

Looks like Prototype 2 has broken the record for highest amount of withheld content in a video game.

Someone ring Guinness.

We're on it TheLastDodo

Wii U hardware 'changing constantly', claims Team Ninja

Tomorrow's headline.

WII U is a Transformer. It remains to be seen if it's an Autobot or Decepticon - report.

Hahahaha. We couldn't help but laugh...wait, are you having a dig at us El Mag :(

NetherRealm: 'We want to do more than just make Mortal Kombat'

if ed boon makes a mortal kombat FPS, i'll never play games again.

Is that because you'll be playing MKFPS for the rest of your life FixBeatGames?

NimbleBit fiercely disputes Zynga's 'common evolution' argument

New from Zynga:

Super Road Brawler 4 starring Ryan, Ben, N Basin, Blanky, Vigo, Carlsim and B Wanda.

Wait a second, that's just like Street Figh- Oh, we see what you did there Windowlicker79

EA Origin has 9.3 million registered users

Sounds like you have a pretty smart computer ted1138

GAME facing credit problems, 'possible stock issues'

I've got some games to sell you GAME.

£55 each but I'm not telling you if they're new or pre-owned, you'll just have to trust me with the seal I've put on them myself.

Touché El Mag

The Last of US performance capture movie

I thought I recognised her, it's Gretchen Grundler's VO from Recess and Mel Gibson's daughter in What Women Want.

Great spot there TheCrimsonFenix

Capcom profits down 53.6%

Dear Capcom,

Fancy some easy money? Simply make a new Powerstone game and start publishing some more off beat titles like Killer 7 and stop shovelling poor value DLC on us asap.


We'd kill a man for a new Power Stone, even you NoobSaibot

Ghost Trick out on iOS today

Adding my voice to the others - this game is brilliant. Please, buy it enough to make the man produce a sequel!

We're with Balladeer, buy it people, it's brilliant.

GAME Swinging cancelled after Sydney event

Lolwut :shock:

We don't know either Imaduck