Microsoft 'has to make an Xbox TV'

'They have no choice,' argues Gaikai boss David Perry

Microsoft will have no choice but to make an Xbox-enabled television in the future, Gaikai boss David Perry has said.


Speaking to CVG in our latest industry insight feature, Perry argues that with the emergence of cloud gaming platforms built in to televisions, Microsoft will have to enter the space to compete with Sony and - potentially - Apple.

"Digital TVs are including all of that media stuff," he said. "I think the mistake that the console companies are making is not a mistake of their choice - it's the evolution they have to go through.

"Once the other media hubs can have games - and I don't mean Checkers, but things like Call of Duty - the public will get confused. With that in mind, who is able to make a TV? Sony is already making them, so it will have to take all that stuff into its TVs.

"So: my prediction is that Microsoft will have to make a TV," he added. "What choice do they have? There have been lots of reports that Apple has bought out a large LCD panel-making company. It's pretty obvious that they're on the trail too."

Of course, self-interest underpins Perry's words: Gaikai recently signed a deal to embed its technology in LG's televisions.

As he points out, Apple's also looking increasingly likely to unveil its own TV range, with reports claiming its iTV is due to launch this year.