Army Corps of Hell multiplayer trailer still resembles Pikmin

With blood and metal guitar riffs

You can replace the mellow tunes with metal riffs, add gallons of blood and enemies with laser beams, but there's no denying that Army Corps of Hell is Square's take on Pikmin.


And for that reason alone, we're interested in what it's working on. The new trailer below shows off the game's local multiplayer mode, which works for up to four players.

Developed by Entersphere, the Pikmin-alike has players control an army of a hundred goblin soldiers with various classes and abilities to defeat a host of enemies in order to reclaim the King of Hell's throne.

Square says the game will bring "a new level of vicious combat, dark humour and lightning-quick action" to Sony's upcoming portable.

Army Corps of Hell will launch alongside PlayStation Vita on February 22, 2012.