Capcom finally promises to fix Resi 3DS box typo

"Subsequent shipments" to feature correct game name

Capcom's promised to correct a typo on the spine of Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS boxes, incorrectly spelling the game name as 'Revelaitons'.


Addressing fans on the Capcom Unity Blog, a spokesperson promised the typo will be sorted in future shipments of the game. Sounds like a lot of effort to us - they should start working on the internet.

"As you may well have heard by now, the title of Revelations is indeed misspelled on the spine of the game box (as "Revelaitons")," the blog post reads.

"Unfortunately, the initial North American shipment of the game will reflect this error, but we just got confirmation that subsequent shipments of the title are being repackaged to have the correct spelling.

"Meanwhile, customers who have received the misspelled version can contact our Customer Service line at 650-350-6700 or by email at and we'll send you a new insert for your case. So yay!"

Last night the publisher promised replacement sleeves for customers bothered about their incorrect box spelling.

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[ SOURCE: Capcom Unity ]