Vita 'doesn't compromise gaming experiences,' says BioShock father

Levine offers opinions on Sony's new handheld

Irrational Games founder and BioShock creator, Ken Levine, has said he feels Sony's PlayStation Vita is the first platform that successfully offers gamers everything they want without making any sacrifices.


Last year Levine appeared at Sony's E3 press conference and showed off PlayStation Move support for BioShock Infinite, but also pulled out a PlayStation Vita and pledged to release a BioShock game for Sony's hot new handheld.

Although Irrational Games has since gone dark on the project, Levine has offered his opinions on the Vita.

Speaking in an interview with PSM3 he was asked how he feels about the hardware, after approaching it cautiously at first. He replied by calling Vita a "really interesting platform" and citing the hardware's ability to preserve the purity of different gaming experiences as a key strength.

"It's a really interesting platform because, as a gamer, it's the first platform that really sort of gives of everything. It's the first time I can play things like shooters on an aeroplane; and I don't like feeling I'm playing something that's compromised in any way."

Looking forward Levine said "there will be whole kinds of games that you wouldn't have been able to play before on the Vita."

At E3 Levine said the Vita BioShock 'built from the ground up' for the system.


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