Uncharted 3 co-op DLC lets you play as villains - out today

'Fort Co-op Adventure' DLC arrives with new villainous gameplay

Uncharted 3 players will be treated to a sweet DLC drop today - new co-op missions that let you play as the villains for the first time.


As Naughty Dog explains: "Fort Co-Op Adventure will mark the first time in the series you'll be able to play co-op as the UNCHARTED villains with Zoran Lazarević, Eddy Raja, Harry Flynn joining forces in a tale that further explores the mystery behind the Janus head statue from the on-disc co-op adventure." A sneak peek of that quest can seen in the new trailer below.

Today's PS Store update will also see the release of three new multiplayer character skin packs; the Rogues Skin Pack 1 and Rogues Skin Pack 2, and the Doughnut Skin Pack.

There's more - on February 21 ND will release a multiplayer map pack, the 'Flashback Map Pack 2', which revives the maps Plaza, Temple, Train Wreck, and Village for Uncharted 3.

The developer also dropped a hint for a future DLC offering with the above image. "Uncharted 3 heavy metal mode? A tie-in with The Misfits Fiend Club? Nope, but we'll have details on exactly what this symbol means in just a little over a month," it teased.