Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Ubisoft's smartest shooter?

Use intel and tech to dominate numerically superior forces

Ubisoft's work with former Navy SEALS affected every part of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, from the futuristic technology the Ghosts take onto the battlefield to the way you'll customise guns built 60 years ago, from the story and dialogue to the motion capture and animation.


When the Ghosts breach a room you're watching real special forces breach a room; when the Ghosts use optic camo, it's because the hardest men in the world thought it would help them do their job.

And now it's finished. After a troubled development Future Soldier is into the bug-fixing and polish stage ready for release at the end of May.

There are pure stealth missions where detection results in failure, missions that begin in the middle of a firefight where you'll put an eye in the sky to get a clear shot on your enemies, and missions where you'll have absolute freedom to engage enemies as you please.


In the second mission - Subtle Arrow - the four Ghosts trail Zambian warlord Dede Macaba through a refugee camp, eliminating his personal guard and gathering intel on his arms smuggling operation. Detection results in instant failure, right up to the point Macaba lets slip one vital piece of information and you're given the kill order.

After chasing arms dealers across the globe the trail leads the Ghosts to an impending coup in Russia, not perpetrated by ultranationalists for a change, but by private interests - big business.

Operation Valiant Hammer is mission ten, and a throwback to classic Ghost Recons, set in a Russian forest where forces from the Raven's Rock PMC have set up camp.

The Ghosts infiltrate the base with optic camo and set about engaging the PMC, and while it's easy to turn every encounter into an all-out war, your chances of success will be better if you scout the area and choose your targets before touching the trigger.

In every mission your tech and training are the difference between success and failure. The Ghosts' only advantage against the enemy's vastly superior numbers is their intel.

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Play Ghost Recon right and you'll know the location of every target before the fight even begins, and every fight will be over with just one carefully synchronised round of fire. The trick is to strike first and strike hard, every time.