More EA praise for Call of Duty Elite

Battlefield publisher has its own "digital content flow yet to be announced"

The pre-release war of words between EA and Activision over Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 appears to be well and truly over, with the former heaping further praise on the latter's Call of Duty Elite digital strategy for the second time in a week.


Last Thursday EA boss John Riccitiello tipped his hat to Activision for successfully introducing a subscription offering for the Call of Duty franchise - and hinted at the possibility of something similar in the pipeline for Battlefield.

Now the publisher's chief operating officer, Peter Moore, has told Kotaku he thinks Activision's done a great job promoting digital content for its FPS franchise.

"To Activision's credit, what they did with Elite - certainly when you speak to retailers who were selling the cards, and you speak to gamers who think it's a great deal - they've done a phenomenal job in marketing digital content going forward," the exec said.

"Certainly we've got a digital content flow yet to be announced on that," he added. "We will look at different business models that will make a good value for the consumer. We continue to look at how we keep the disc in the drive, as we say."

Moore also said that Battlefield 3 now has over 11 million players.

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[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]