'There simply aren't enough new IPs these days'

Steve Wood says we need more new IP to be considered mainstream

On last week's mailbox Steve Wood e-mailed in to say he's not completely done with the PlayStation 3 and doesn't want Sony to release the PlayStation 4 yet.

This week we've got Steve Wright (we've got all the Steves), who echos Tim Schafer's sentiments from earlier this week by saying publishers are scared of new IPs.

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Over to Steve...

Oh noes, new IP

There simply aren't enough new IPs these days. Why? Because developers are too scared. But look at the new IPs that have succeeded. Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, and Catherine. Many were upset when they heard David Cage wasn't making Heavy Rain 2. I was excited.

Another thing that makes me mad is HD remakes: "We've already made sequels, let's remake our first game!" Devs are too scared, and it's ruining our games. We see new films all the time, so if games want to be mainstream, they have to try harder.

PSM3 says: We're increasingly seeing film remakes: Straw Dogs and The Thing at the end of 2011, The Warriors, Escape From New York, Poltergeist and (many) more in 2012. Surely chasing big, safe sales is mainstream? Essentially, as long as people buy sequels, someone will make them - but as you point out, that doesn't stop new 'IPs' such as Heavy Rain succeeding. Don't blame the devs, blame the money men.

CVG says: PSM3 is right, it's not the fault of devs, it's the publishers, or more specifically the aforementioned money men. Developers still want to make unique games, Tim Schafer's latest venture is proof of that.