Dead Space 3: What we want to see

These are our ideas - but what do you want from Dead Space 3?

EA won't officially confirm it, but Dead Space 3 is in development. You know it, we know it, EA knows we all know it, and we all know EA knows we all know it.

But we don't really know a whole lot about the game itself. This is where our 'What we want to see' feature comes in, where we make a wish list of all the things we want to appear in the game. Here's our wish list...

New environment


The USG Ishimura of the first Dead Space definitely had atmosphere, but the environment did start to get a little same-y towards the end. Dead Space 2's Titan Station made improvements and offered more varied and interesting environment, including things like schools, shopping malls, skyscrapers, a church and apartment complexes. More diversity like this is what we want to see.

There is that rumour that Dead Space 3 will take place on an ice planet, with Isaac having to deal with blizzards as much as monsters, so cue obvious references to John Carpenter's 1982 movie The Thing. Not that that's a bad thing however - it could work we guess. If it was set inside an abandoned facility populated only by necromorph and icicles then it could still maintain the darkness and creepy, isolated feeling of the previous games' locations, but then it could get a bit repetitive like the Ishimura again.

But hold on, this is a whole planet, meaning that you could have pretty much anything on it. This is where the variety can come in. Assuming that this rumour is true, the developers are no longer restricted to a spaceship, so they could put any creepy or desolate location in as they see fit. We think this will give the developers a lot more creative liberty when it comes to designing the levels. We approve of the rumour.

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