Alan Wake's American Nightmare review round-up: Series starter or season finale?

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Alan Wake's American Nightmare reviews have gone green - and as always we're here to put all the scores in one place for you.

In our Alan Wake's American Nightmare review we call the XBLA game "a new beginning for Alan, with an interesting arcade mode that needs a couple of tweaks." 7.5 is the score.

As for the other reviews across the internet, they're mainly positive. Here's your list:

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OXM UK: 8/10 - American Nightmare is good value, but it hints at more than it delivers - a world in which urban myths can come true never materialises in this episode. But that just makes us wonder what Remedy has got in store. It'd be a shame to stop now, just when it's getting good.

Joystiq: 4/5 - American Nightmare isn't perfect. As he writes his own escape from the Dark Place, the tale ironically lacks the narrative punch of his first trek into the shadows. Even so, it invites us back into Alan's world, takes us on a new adventure and sheds new light on his predicament.

Eurogamer: 7/10 - As the title intimates, the story ends with question marks lingering over the nature of Wake's experience. But even if it really is his nightmare, our troubled writer is arguably better company asleep than awake.

Destructoid: 8.5/10 - If anything, my main gripe with American Nightmare is that it shows Remedy can take the Alan Wake series to places that could blow us away if someone would just give them the resources to create another full retail title, yet we are only allowed glimpses of various mechanics and experiments in their downloadable titles to date.

IGN: 8/10 - Alan Wake's American Nightmare is an extremely impressive experiment, created with the aim of releasing an essentially fully-fledged retail game through Xbox LIVE Arcade. American Nightmare absolutely succeeds in this regard, with action-packed gameplay, a cool theme, and an exciting Arcade Action mode.

Videogamer: 6/10 - Whilst ambitious, the promise in Alan Wake's American Nightmare never materialises. The elementary combat system is entertaining, but ultimately overshadowed by a hopelessly contrived plot.