Ridge Racer Vita review: Not a racer of substance

Woah, here comes some lazy nitrous!

You've raced the courses, cringed at the voices and slid in these cars since 1993. So what is there left to do in this five-car, three-track (six if you count the reverse versions) morsel?


The answer lies online. Eight- player races, ghost battles and daily challenges take prominence in a Wi-Fi zone, while 3G Vitas also get to play with ghosts (but nothing else) on the move. Somebody clearly forgot Vita's portability when drawing up the design docs.

Even solo races benefit from online. You must pick a car from four global racing companies, and all your results are then fed into a worldwide vat and totalled to see which is the strongest team. Clever. Race on, say, a train, however, and it just angrily spews error messages whenever if fails to upload info.

The insanely drift-happy racing hasn't changed much, but this time there's less of it than you find on some demos.

Instead, longevity comes from DLC, but with a tentative add-on plan that features free retro music but cars / tracks at a few quid each, Ridge Racer's eye-catching £20 RRP will be a bitter memory once you've paid for and downloaded enough stuff to make this a racer of substance.

The verdict

A shallow demo with minimal functionality outside Wi-Fi access, this just isn't an appealing offer. If the core game was a free download, things could be different.

PlayStation Vita
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai
Racing / Driving