Asura's Wrath DLC 'episodes' revealed, Ryu fight confirmed

Three DLC packs on the way

Capcom has put the official stamp on some mighty-exciting download content for Asura's Wrath.


Coming "shortly after release" are two DLC 'episodes' which Capcom says "will offer a completely new artistic look taking their inspiration from the world of anime".

"These DLC packs explore what happened between episodes from the full game. What was going through Asura's mind when he fought against his mentor Augus? Which is the right path for Yasha to follow; should he betray his friend Asura or take his side against Deus? These questions will be answered when the DLC episodes launch shortly after release," explains the publisher.

Most exciting of all is the slightly less plot-driven Street Fighter DLC (rumoured yesterday), which has "the world's greatest warriors from Street Fighter appear before Asura, challenging him to a fight".

Awesome. Plain and simple. Below are some teaser screenshots.