PS Vita: 20 Pro user tech tips

Go beyond gaming with your PS Vita...

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6. Two people, one Vita


Vita only allows one user account per console, but you can share with a friend if you have time. Back up your Vita with the PC Content Manager, then restore the system to factory settings. You can swap accounts like this whenever you like, but on the downside it does take twenty minutes or so, every time.

7. Play new games first


Vita is region-free and Japanese games often hit shelves in Japan first - for obvious reasons. You can import Vita games from Play-Asia or Yesasia and they'll work with any account on any system. Don't buy from the Japanese PSN store using a bogus account, however - downloaded titles are locked to your PSN ID and won't work.

8. Play PS3 games via remote play


Your Vita can play any games your PSP could handle via Remote Play - set your PS3 and Vita to Remote mode, input the PS3's key into Vita, and they're paired. For now options are limited, but the PixelJunk games work well.

9. Watch every movie on the move


Its massive screen is ideal for movies, but Vita only supports certain formats. Download PS Vita Video from pspvideo9.com (free) and you can convert your collection to a Vita-friendly one.

10. Know PSN's limits


Your PSN account can be shared between PS3 and Vita and you can message friends with either, but picture messages can only be read by the format it was sent from. What's more, Vita players won't appear on PS3 users' Friends List, but PS3 users will appear on Vita. Weird.

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