PS Vita: 20 Pro user tech tips

Go beyond gaming with your PS Vita...

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11. Maximise battery life


You need to get aggressive if you want to milk an extra half hour from Vita's battery. You get about four hours from a regular game, but can raise that to 4.5hrs or more if you turn off Wi-fi and 3G, then lower the brightness. Remember, Wi-Fi and 3G still run when Vita is in sleep mode.

12. Make new friends of strangers


Activate Near when you first turn on, but set your privacy options carefully. With Near you can see who's playing Vita within a ten-mile radius, snoop on what they're playing and quietly share data - time trial ghosts in Ridge Racer, for instance - if you pass them in the street. And they can do it to you...

13. Bring Vita back to life!


There's a bug in the current firmware that prevents Vita from waking up from sleep mode. You have two solutions - either wait for the battery to drain completely then recharge it, or hold the power button down for twenty seconds. This forces a hard reset. Then just power on as normal.

14. Use PS3 properly


Vita doesn't have enough buttons to play full PS3 games, but hit the touchscreen in Remote mode and you get button mapping options - perfect. Select Option 3 - this sets i, R3 (the awkward push-stick-in one), L2 and L3 to the rear touch panel. Do it in preparation for the day Sony let you play some proper games remotely.

15. Improve remote play performance


Remote Play works by sending inputs to PS3 and a video feed back. Picture quality can be set one notch above or below default; reducing it speeds up the response time, at the expense of quality.

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