PS Vita: 20 Pro user tech tips

Go beyond gaming with your PS Vita...

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16. Charge Vita on the road


Vita will charge from your laptop's USB socket so long as you power Vita off. To this, hold the power button down and select 'power off' when prompted.

17. Take control of settings


Vita's settings are locked away in a dedicated app, but there's a shortcut. Hold the PS button for brightness, custom soundtrack and microphone toggles in-game.

18. Get more storage - for a price


Sony have no plans to sell their big 32Gb memory sticks in the UK, but they're on sale in Japan for £100 and they work on any Vita from any region. Again, Play-Asia is your friend.

19. Talk with friends on PSN


Vita's built-in microphone does a decent job, but if you want a clearer conversation, synch the machine with your PS3's Bluetooth headset.

20. Save the saves for safety


Vita's Content Manager is available here. It's PC-only for now, and lets you back up your saves, demos and complete games.

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