Sony signs up Playboy: Models pretend to play Vita.

Bunnies taking on gamers across the US

PS Vita has an absolutely cracking launch line-up, but if Uncharted and FIFA don't manage to lure in the core gamer, Sony's probably hoping these Playboy bunnies pretending to play WipEout will.


As part of its Vita partnership, Playboy's "gamer next door" has been visiting several "Vita Hill Social Clubs" set up around the USA, where both hands-on Vita time, drinks and "hot women" were promised. All the things us 18-35-year-old male gamers are looking for, right?

Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Austin and San Francisco all have the pop-up play rooms inside their city walls. For more details check out the Playboy Facebook page - and for goodness sake don't click 'like'.

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