Using 3G Vita abroad: How much does it cost?

Sony lists prices for those wanting to game online overseas

Portable games consoles are ideal for traveling, but if you've got a 3G Vita you'll need to cough up a fair bit of extra cash if you want your connection to work abroad.

Sony America has listed the prices of AT&T charges for US 3G Vita owners who wish to take their 3G Vita's overseas and maintain that always-on 3G connection.

Before you go anywhere, you'll need to decide how much data you want, and cough up the following corresponding amounts:

The 3G / WiFi unit will still be able to pick up a 3G signal even when outside of the country. However, additional data packages will need to be purchased in order to cover your data usage during these scenarios.


- $24.99 for 50MB in over 100 select countries
- $49.99 for 125MB in over 100 select countries
- $99.99 for 275MB in over 100 select countries
- $199.99 for 800MB in over 100 select countries

These plans, explains Sony, can be purchased on the PS Vita just like your standard 3G data packages. For the 'select countries' list, check through here.

PS - Sony also says that in the event of any 3G service issues, don't call them, call AT&T. It's all their fault.

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