Halo 4 - What we want to see

This is our list but what do YOU want to see?

With Halo 4's release slowly creeping up on us, and few details released so far announced, we've put on our speculating hat and and drawn up a list of the things we'd like to see in 343's first Halo effort.

And if you're wondering: our speculating hat is a fez, because they're awesome.

Let us know what you want to see in Halo 4 in the comments below.

Mix it up, tough guy


With Halo 4 being the birth of a new trilogy, and being set on another planet on the other side of the galaxy, we expect to see some completely new enemies.

We've been fighting the same grunts and jackals for over a decade now, and any enemies introduced in sequels didn't really force us to mix up our strategy too much. From our experience, the majority of the enemies in the Halo series could be defeated by staying on our toes and spraying our gun at them until they dropped dead.

We want to see something completely different in terms of enemies - a collection of foes that pressures us to adopt a variety of combat tactics.

And please, for the sake of all things holy - no Flood.

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