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The 25 best Xbox 360 games of 2012

If you've got one of Microsoft's consoles, this little lot should make you very happy this year.

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21. Sleeping Dogs


Formerly known as True Crime, and rescued by Square Enix after Activision dropped it, this open-world, Hong Kong-set action-adventure effort, featuring all manner of gritty combat and driving, clearly fancies itself as a sort of far eastern GTA. Expect Sleeping Dogs to feature countless run-ins with the Triads, and a ground-breaking melee engine. All given momentum by a Hollywood-influenced storyline.

22. South Park: The Game


Take Stan, Kenny, Kyle, Cartman, Butters and co, add them to a full RPG engine and what you get is South Park: The Game. Given that the character classes in the game are Fighter, Mage, Thief, Cleric and 'Jew', you could be forgiven for imagining that political correctness wasn't a priority for developer Obsidian, a fact underlined by the involvement of writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone. So we can expect a liberal dose of swearing - and everything else that makes South Park great. Please, can we have boss-battles involving Barbra Streisand and Robert Smith of the Cure?

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