Developers attend Xbox 720 summit in London?

Microsoft may have held a next-generation console briefing yesterday

A since-deleted Tweet from a Crytek developer has sparked speculation that Microsoft held a summit in the UK this week relating to its plans for Xbox 720.


According to Kotaku, Sean Tracy, a technical designer at the Crysis studio, announced via Twitter yesterday that he was at a Durango summit in London.

Two weeks ago, the same site said it had been informed by multiple sources close to the project that Microsoft's next Xbox console is codenamed Durango.

According to Wiki, Durango is a settlement in Spain, has been attached to Dodge and Ford cars, is a type of frisbee game, is a Mexican football club... the list goes on.

Earlier this month, Xbox World magazine claimed Microsoft will offer a Wii U-like touchscreen controller with its next console.

Other rumours have suggested the hardware will support Sony's Blu-ray format and may include measures to prevent second-hand games being played.

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