Around the network - early March madness

The month has turned, spring has sprunged

It's exciting times this week, as spring gently nudges its nose above the permafrost, takes a good sniff and decides it just might be a good time to finally think about putting in an appearance. We've had a blast too, heading off to an absolutely epic Gam

Still the march of games and tech is relentless and brings no respite and a good thing too we say, with first major hitter and possible game of the year Mass Effect 3 debuting next week - you can already colour us excited. Our colleagues and chums have also been trawling the web to bring you all the essentials and below is the results of their findings on everything from Mario Party 9 , Alien: Colonial Marines and the latest iPad 3 essentials. Read 'em and weep!

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Pokemon Black and White trailer
Pokemon Black and White 2 UK release date is Autumn 2012

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