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Time for Connor's close-up. His native name is Ratohnaké:ton, and you can see Mohawk influences in his clothing (here, we see native Indian bands on his arms). You can upgrade your gear throughout the game to make Connor either more native Indian or more colonial. Does that point to a big decision where Connor is forced to choose between the old or new worlds? Will his look change the way people in cities or in the Mohawk valley react to him? Very, very likely.


Take a look at Connor's weapons. He's got a pair of knives (for close combat), a bow (for ranged) and his tomahawk/knife combo (for fighting large groups). He's better armed than any assassin to date, hinting strongly at a more action-focused game.

This conflict is likely to be the Battle of Saratoga. Why? It took place in late 1777, and heavily featured Patriots, Loyalists and native Indian soldiers. They're seen as some of the most significant battles in the US Revolutionary war.


Is the man in the big hat George Washington? Well, who else could it be? Ubi has confirmed he is in the game, but by 1777 his role was mainly the supervision and selection of Generals, so it seems unlikely he'd be at the forefront of the battle shouting speeches. This looks like Ubisoft taking a little historical liberty and banging the patriotic drum. Want confirmation? Well his speech goes like this: "Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission. We have therefore resolved to conquer - or die." This was one of the real-life George Washington's orders to his officers in July 1176.


See these guys? Apparently the new Anvil Engine, which powers Assassin's Creed 3, can render thousands of them at a time (previously mere hundreds could be displayed). What does that mean? Bigger battles with Connor right in the middle of them. Again, expect it to play out like Last of the Mohicans. "I WILL FIND YOU."


End screen. Note the PC version is TBC - so don't expect it on October 31 - and there's no mention of the Wii U version that we know is on the way either. Shame. On the plus side, Ubisoft showed incredible restraint and didn't manage to spoil this trailer with dubstep.

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