Mass Effect 3 complete scanning guide - and how to get the best possible ending

An illustrated guide, with EXACT locations, to every system, war asset, and Citadel fetch quest

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Scanning planet systems through the Galaxy Map on board the Normandy allows you to discover additional war assets, artifacts and intel, however scanning too many times in one system attracts the attention of the Reapers who will appear and chase you off the map.

By using our complete guide to quickly locate discoverable items you can avoid all of these confrontations and gather a total war asset strength of 1845, setting you well on the way to unlocking the best ending Mass Effect 3 has to offer.

Not all of the systems listed below are available from the start as they gradually unlock during the course of the game, so if you can't find a particular one on your Galaxy Map then complete some more missions and check again.

Take discovered artifacts to the relevant contacts on the Citadel for additional war assets and credits, and after finding intel items use the Intel Terminal in Liara's Cabin to unlock power upgrade bonuses.

In this guide items are listed from left to right as viewed across each system's screenshot.

There are no items to scan in:

  • Annos Basin (0)
  • Far Rim (0)
  • Horsehead Nebula (0)
  • Kepler Verge (0)
  • Ninmah Cluster (0)
  • Perseus Veil (0)
  • Petra Nebula (0)
  • Serpent Nebula (0)
  • Shadow Sea (0)
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