Battlefield 3 dev lays out demands for next-gen consoles

Need 8GBs of RAM, 'lots and lots of processing power'

How powerful will the next generation consoles need to be to put a smile on developers' faces? A Battlefield 3 developer offers his opinion.


"We need lots and lots of processing power," said Johan Andersson, a rendering architect at Bf3 developer DICE.

"The more you can cram into a machine, we'll take advantage of that," he told Joystiq at GDC this week.

More processing grunt isn't only requirement. Xbox 360 has 512MBs of RAM but Andersson reckons its successor will do best to have at least 16 times that amount.

"Two gigabytes would not be enough when it comes to RAM [random access memory]" he said. "Four gigabytes would work. Eight gigabytes? Yeah. I think that would be perfect when it comes to memory."

The increase in power won't just serve up better visuals but allow for improvements to other arguably more important aspects of gaming. "To build game changing experiences, not just pretty visuals, but game changing experiences? That's what we're really excited to do, going forward," added Andersson.

Rumours today suggest that the new Xbox will arrive in 2013 with no disc drive.

[ SOURCE: Joystiq ]