Capcom working with Microsoft to ban SFxTK DLC hackers

Publisher out to catch "ballsy" folks playing upcoming DLC early

Capcom is aware of players using hacked Xbox 360 consoles to play unreleased Street Fighter X Tekken content, and says it's working with Microsoft to address the issue.


Posting on the Capcom-Unity forum, Christian Svensson, the publisher's senior VP of strategic planning and business development, told fans: "Yes, we're seeing news of this. Quite ballsy for folks to be taking hacked Xbox 360s on Live where they are detectable.

"In any event, we already have opened channels of communication with Microsoft on these issues Friday night. If you can capture screens or video of this in action (as some have already) we're working on bans for boxes and accounts with Microsoft for haxxors."

The thread was initially left open for players to nark on each other, but was latest closed with the following Capcom message: "We'll catch them ourselves."

Last week Capcom confirmed 12 new Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters will be made available for £16, $20 or 1600 MS Points.