CVG: Comments of the week

"How brilliant would it be if they used Halo for military training?"

The last seven days have been relatively quiet in the gaming world - well, other than the continuing demise of GAME - but as always you've been out in full force keeping us laughing, crying and shaking our heads in shame at.

Here's this week's batch of standout comments. Enjoy!

GAME will die this week without £180m rescue - Report

Shame, hope they catch a break.

I know there are many reasons why people hate GAME but to be fair it is one of the specialist retailers that stocks products I am willing to buy.

Good luck GAME.

We're with appyday, the store is more important to the UK industry than most people are willing to admit.

And now something a little lighter from El Mag...

We are gathered here today to pay our respects to the dearly departed Game.

Game has lived an amazing life even though it was rather short. It was the kind of friend that stands by you when you need somebody to be there. It once saved my life. We were both young kids and we weren't very close. I was hastily walking across the street when it saw a speeding car and dived in to save me. The relationship started there.

They had that great scheme back in the day when you could take a game back after 10 days and swap it for another. And they employed that nice looking blonde girl that had a smashing rack. The reward card offer seemed great, prices were fair and you were served with a smile. Everything looked rosy for it.

But then it got cocky, it knew you were going in to see blondie and it started to take advantage. It raised it's prices even though HMV was right next door and cheaper. It got rid of the blonde girl and replaced it with a smelly hippy called Steve who thought he knew everything. And it started to push it's pre-owned games down your neck.

But let's not look back on the bad times, we should remember the good that Game did and helped make this little hobby of ours more mainstream. It will forever be missed but I know in the right time we will meet again.

*Ave Maria plays out*

Good job El Mag

Capcom working with Microsoft to ban SFxTK DLC hackers

If an Aston Martin in the forest falls down, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?<.em>

Hahaha. Er, sorry, shhh plain_kloz_cop, there's an interesting argument going on.

Witcher 2 sex 'isn't gratuitous, it's about creative freedom'

'isn't gratuitous, it's about creative freedom' --I've used that line so many times
Any luck martinawatson?

Microsoft recruiting for 'AAAA console title'





Halo 5 for neXtboX

If only it were that easy alan666

Second-hand market 'killing single player games' - Braben

Single player games aren't making enough? What about Skyrim? That game has made a hell of an amount and the reason being is that it is packed with content and well worth the price.

Very good point Scouse Soldier

The Sun warns: 'Fanatics' plotting Call of Duty terrorist attacks

How brilliant would it be if they used Halo for military training? The battlefield would be full of terrorists strafing and jumping!

Run towards your enemy holding fire, then hit melee when you're up close, right verynaughtyboy?

I dread to think what will happen when the terrorists achieve the Tactical Nuke?

Game Over!

Argh! Can't even rage quit, StonecoldMC

Dragon's Dogma video guide - Japan's answer to Skyrim

The video is the first real glimpse I've had of the game and I have to say I'm now very interested in it. Looks like just the right cross of Dark Souls and Skyrim. Looking forward to seeing how it's received by the critics.

Oh, almost forgot. Blaargh!! DLC!!!! RAAAWRR CRAPCOM!! INDUSTRY DOWNFALL and all that good stuff.

The fella at OXM seems to be quite taken with it Niknak106, also BLARRRRGGGHHH!!!
GAME delists itself from stock exchange

Do you also love the smell of people being made redundant and being forced onto the bread line because there are no jobs on the high street?

Don't think anything needs to be added to Weezer's response and...

OK guys. I put my hands up. I apologise. Someone posted something about thinking before posting? Bang on.

It was meant in jest and not intended to offend but I accept now that it was probably insensitive and inappropriate. I do feel remorse for those who are at risk of losing jobs but I feel nothing for GAME's management and shareholders. That was the meaning of my remark and my own failure to make this clear was, I now see, a clear oversight.

I enjoy my time here on cvg and don't want to jeopordise this so I hope this apology can go some way to mending fences.

Again, I apoligise for the offence I have caused and regret my un-targetted and un-warrented poking of fun. If anyone here has been personally affected please feel free to pm me for a personal apology.

Thank you.

Well done for apologising me4pd, hugs all around

6 potential bidders for GAME UK - report

Virgin should buy them. Branson's dead on and know's what the f**k he's doing. It'd be a BIG new line of enterprise. Win/win I reckon.

Hmmm, interesting Imaduck

WRONG: Games tax breaks rob our pensioners! Sun, Metro sound the alarm...

The creative industries bring money into the country. The elderly bring...

Just sayin'!

They keep demand up for Weathers Originals mrlister, which we all benefit from.

LittleBigPlanet Karting: United Front Games confirmed - First video

Soooo, Modnation Racers 2 then?

Looks like it EvilWaterman

XBLA 'Arcade NEXT' announced - Fable, Minecraft dated

I'm going to have to buy some more MS points!

Does anyone know if GAME are having a sale?

Low blow StonecoldMC