Dead or Alive 5 roster leaked, more VF characters revealed

Hackers uncover more names in the demo

People who know stuff about hacking stuff have apparently had a rummage around in the Dead or Alive 5 demo's underpants and found what looks like a full roster of names.


Even more interesting, it seems Akira Yuki isn't the only Virtua Fighter character that will be making the jump to the DOA universe, because Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan are also named.

According to the NeoGAF source (thanks Joystiq), it also looks like there'll be six costumes for most of the 25 characters uncovered.

Here's the full list:

- Pai
- Sarah
- Akira
- Mila
- Rig
- Bayman
- Hitomi
- Christie
- Brad
- Lisa
- Eliot
- Ayane
- Leifang
- Hayate
- Kokoro
- Bass
- Leon
- Helena
- Genfu
- Kasumi
- Hayabusa
- Jannlee
- Tina
- Zack
- Alpha152