Blizzard on Mists of Pandaria: 'We wouldn't hesitate to do a tablet version'

Paul Sams on World of Warcraft's future and developing for consoles...

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Is the reason Blizzard hasn't made a console game because you've run into barriers on console - as in, certain publishers demand that your game needs to have certain requirements like a multiplayer or that certain console functionality needs to be available?

Well, honestly, that certainly is an impactful part of the decision. If I've got to jump through seventeen different hoops and pay a lot more money to be on a console, that causes you to pause. But that doesn't mean we wouldn't do it if we thought we could deliver a Blizzard-quality product on the platform and it was right for the game in question.

That's why we're looking at it for Diablo III; we think that we can have a really exciting and compelling experience that will play well on console in addition to PC We do feel it's an exciting opportunity. If we feel we can have a game on multiple platforms, then we'll do it. We're not afraid to - that's for sure!

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