Naughty Dog shows off gruesome The Last of Us enemies

Infected characters look like zombies with an unchecked facial fungal infection

Evan Wells, co-president of Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, has tweeted images of infected enemies set to feature in the studio's upcoming PS3 exclusive The Last of Us.


The mangled-looking enemies are displayed through a character bust model, and for the most part look like zombies with a nasty-looking fungal infection running unchecked on their faces.

High-end survival horror The Last of Us centres around main characters Joel, a 40-something black marketeer with a dark past, and 17 year-old Ellie, who Joel's been paid to smuggle out of a quarantined safe zone guarding citizens from a virus outbreak and those infected by it.

Get more on the game in this The Last of US preview published earlier this month.

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