Bleszinski: Gears wasn't planned as 'a dude-bro game'

Epic's design director "wanted it to be a lot more serious"

Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games, has admitted he initially intended the Gears of War franchise to be "a lot more serious" than it turned out, a balance he'd like to address in future entries.


Speaking to IGN, Bleszinski used a Batman movie analogy to describe his intent, saying he hopes to shift the tone of future Gears games closer to Nolan's movies than Schumacher's or Burton's.

"I didn't always make these dude-bro games at Epic," he said. "The intent was to make Gears of War a lot more Band of Brothers and take it a lot more serious.

"If we get around to ever doing more Gears games, I hope we can continue to drift back more towards a Christopher Nolan type dialogue as opposed to a Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher Batman. But that's way down the line."