The Future of Call of Duty

What Activision learned from Call of Duty Elite... and what it means for Black Ops 2

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On top of these main titles, there's Respawn Entertainment, formed from the 40 employees who quit Infinity Ward (which amounts to around half the studio) after founders Jason West and Vince Zampella sued Activision over unpaid royalties and were fired for insubordination.


If they win their court case, starting on May 7 2012, they will own the rights to Modern Warfare - at which point, the future of Activision outside of Blizzard could be up in the air. Meanwhile, they're making their own game, widely expected to be a science-fiction shooter. Their first screenshot (above) hardly makes anything clearer, however.

It's now been two years since Respawn was founded and, despite staff being seen wandering around E3 in Respawn T-shirts, nothing has been announced. What we do know is that they're working with at least one impressive name: Iain McCaig, an extremely talented artist who's headed up design on the new Star Wars, Harry Potter and John Carter movies, as well as supplying the original Fighting Fantasy covers.
EA have also let slip a few details. A leaked and apparently genuine internal release schedule says the game should be releasing in March 2013, which means (if we're going on traditional games marketing schedules) the first reveal will be very soon - probably at E3 this year.

EA Games head Frank Gibeau has said the aim for EA is to avoid clashing with either the next Battlefield or the new Medal of Honor, so they'll be looking to release it outside the traditional November pre-Christmas slot. He also let slip that the game will be a sci-fi shooter - squint carefully at the two extremely blurred images released so far and you can see... nothing at all about that.

Still, the news should infuriate the rump of Infinity Ward as well, if they're working on a similar game for a November release...

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