EA explains digital-only FIFA Euro 2012 game

Wants to re-engage FIFA 12 players and get new ones to buy last year's title

While EA's biennial FIFA tournament games have previously been standalone retail releases, the freshly announced FIFA Euro 2012 will launch as a digital-only product.


Set for release in late April for £15.99 and requiring FIFA 12 to play, it's the first of its kind to come as a DLC expansion for another EA Sports game.

Explaining this new strategy, Steve Frost, communications manager at EA, pointed out to Gamasutra that FIFA 12 is the best-selling title in the franchise's history with over ten million units shifted.

"We felt this was the best way to extend that experience and deliver fresh new content to our fans," he said.

"We expect that some fans who may not have FIFA 12 will want to play Euro 2012 and therefore purchase both, but the bigger opportunity for us is to offer our loyal and passionate FIFA fans new content.

"We expect footy fans will want the opportunity to play UEFA Euro 2012 and experience what it takes to win the tournament under the same conditions their favourite nation will face in the weeks ahead."