The new CVG blog

Welcome to the inaugural CVG blog. Wow, it's only taken like forever to get this going, but now, it's finally here we're sure you'll get used to it, or at least get used to ignoring it.

There's always been much debate within the CVG team about whether we should start one of these. Aren't we a proper news site? Shouldn't we leave all that blog malarkey to well ...bloggers?

Well true to a certain extent, but with the site focussing on features and opinion as much as news nowadays, there's arguably now a real need for a place where the CVG team can vent their opinions, observations, prejudices and write about some of the weirder, wackier, offbeat gaming stuff that doesn't really fit in any other section.

But all that fun stuff will probably be for another day, because perhaps most importantly of all we're going to be trialling a few new technical features on the site and we want a place to a) let you know about them and b) somewhere you can post your reactions. (there is the community forum of course, but only regular forumites seem to contribute there and we want something front and centre).

So to business and over the next month or so we're going to be trialling a new layout for the home page, well four of them to be precise to see what works best for both you and us.

The current layout will remain as the control, but there'll also be variants which use bigger pictures to highlight important stories; Most Popular, Editors Picks and Timeline variations, plus a new all articles feed.

So don't be surprised if you see a few different things happening on CVG in the next month, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments here, or via the community forum. We'll be keeping an eye out.