Aliens Colonial Marines multiplayer details burst out

Play as marines or the xenomorphs in Gearbox's upcoming shooter

Gearbox has finally taken the wraps off Aliens Colonial Marines' multiplayer component, which the studio says has received "a huge amount of attention".


We recently visited Gearbox in Dallas to get out first hands-on with the game's multiplayer, with the studio showing off team deathmatch mode ahead of further reveals planned for E3.

"It's a bit of a revelation to find a team deathmatch mode that's more than a simple xeno-bashing muck about - the asymmetrical gameplay is equal parts tense and grin-inducing," we said in our Aliens Colonial Marines preview.

We played as the marines and Gearbox as the aliens in a series of 8v8 matches with the goal being the first team to reach 50 kills. "You need to play like you're in the movie. Stick together, hug the walls, use the motion tracker and watch the corners. Basically anything that sounds like Apone would say is applicable here. Crouching in a corner is particularly effective.

"The xenos use ceilings and ventilation shafts to get close, then rush in from short range at the last minute - exactly like the movies, then. Maybe that's the most striking thing about this multiplayer mode - the game mechanics act like James Cameron himself, guiding you into performing a role that replicates the movie and creates a kind of effortless authenticity."

Hit this link for more info on multiplayer, including details about playing as the aliens.