Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning DLC guide: Getting the most out of Dead Kel

We take apart the new Legend of Dead Kel DLC and reveal its many secrets

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The Pirate themed Legend of Dead Kel DLC brings an extra set of main quests and side missions, additional Twists of Fate and plenty of new loot to the world of Amalur. However the most notable addition is Gravehal Keep, a Dverga ruin that can be repaired and upgraded to provide a whole host of stat boosts and rewards to help you through the game...

Upgrading Gravehal Keep

When you first arrive in Gallows End, speak to Padrig Dower who will take you to Gravehal Keep. After defeating the beasts that currently inhabit it, you claim the throne and set about restoring the buildings to their former glory.


Each upgrade is initiated in turn by speaking to Padrig Dower, who requires a selection of building materials that can be salvaged from around the island. If you don't already possess the required items then markers will be added to the map to allow you to locate them. Once the materials are gathered construction takes 24 in-game hours to complete, after which work on the next upgrade can begin.

1st Upgrade - Beast Pen

Requires: 3 x Sailcloth, 3 x Emberwood, 3 x Beachstone
The Beast Pen is situated in the grounds of Gravehal Keep and is run by Beast Master Cillian Keen, who can domesticate animals and train them as pets for you. You can keep up to three pets at a time, and each one provides a skill buff which can be increased by feeding them additional food in the pen.


The following list shows which animals can be domesticated, the food needed to initially catch them and the reward for training them:

  • Boggart: 2 Bugs - Boggart's Blessing: Increased experience gain rate
  • Brownie: 3 Fish - Brownie's Bite: Increased bleeding damage
  • Rat: 2 Meat - Rat's Luck: Increased chance to critical hit
  • Spider: 3 Bugs - Spider's Resistance: Increased poison resistance

  • Wolf: 3 Meat - Wolf's Strike: Increased critical hit damage
  • Bear: 5 Fish - Bear's Health: Increased health
  • Barghest: 5 Meat - Barghest's Protection: Better protection against magic
  • Root Golem: 6 Bugs - Golem's Power: Increased mana
    [unlocks after completing main quest]
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