Microsoft wants to improve Mass Effect 3 Kinect 'acting'

Kudo wants Kinect to detect "tone of voice and body stance"

Kinect boss Kudo Tsunoda says he wants to advance the motion camera "acting" used in Mass Effect 3.


Speaking in the latest MCV, the Microsoft man said in the future he'd like games to be able to factor tone of voice and body stance into virtual conversations.

He explained: "We're looking at how we can make people more like actors within a narrative. I think the work done within Mass Effect 3 has been awesome.

"We want to get to the stage where not only can Kinect detect what you're saying but also tone of voice and body stance, and work that into the narrative. There are some really compelling experiences to be gained from that."

Speaking more broadly about the future of the motion cam, Kudo said he's most excited about "how much room there is to invent new things".

"What we're really interested in right now is creating experiences that help you develop real world skills that help you in other parts of your life," he said.