Fable universe expanding to novels, digital shorts

New products will support the release of Fable: Heroes and Fable: The Journey

Lionhead Studios and Random House have announced plans to expand the Fable universe with two novels, multiple digital shorts, a comprehensive "world bible", and a strategy guide to support the release of Fable: Heroes and Fable: The Journey.


Three digital shorts focusing on key characters from the series will be available on all major e-reading platforms close to the May release of Fable: Heroes.

The first novel, Fable: At The Edge Of The World, will be written by New York Times bestselling author Christie Golden and bridge the timeline between Fable III and Fable: The Journey. It'll launch in August.

The Fable bible "will be a living document that will cover all previously-released Fable products and serve as a comprehensive reference for any creators working in the Fable world".

Lionhead Studios business manager Gareth Sutcliffe said: "The Fable canon - the stories, characters and gameplay that we've crafted for many years, is near and dear to the hearts of our loyal fans and the employees at Lionhead Studios.

"We believe Random House Worlds will do an excellent job representing our storied franchise and creating assets our fans will find highly valuable."

Lionhead revealed the box art for Fable: The Journey earlier this week, when it said the Kinect title is for the "serious gamer who doesn't want to jump around their living room".