Lost Planet 3 is an open-world prequel - first details, screens

Drops LP2's co-op focused and grind-heavy campaign for a story-driven adventure

Earlier today Capcom sprung a leak and confirmation that Lost Planet 3 is in development appeared online.

Along with a spiffy first-trailer the leaked info pegged Spark Unlimited as the studio taking point on the project. Now we've got first-details of the game, and we'll admit we're quite intrigued.


According to the fresh deets in our Lost Planet 3 preview, LP3 is a prequel title that takes place in EDN III of the past. Since it takes place well before Lost Planet 2 expect to be trudging through ice and battling storms again.

The third instalment will lose Lost Planet 2's Monster Hunter-esque focus on co-op and a grind-heavy in favour of an experience driven by narrative.

Lost Planet boss Kenji Oguro explained to CVG: "Lost Planet 2 focused on online and multiplayer but Lost Planet 3 has a very strong narrative focus. I've had a lot of ideas about the series that I haven't been able to realise until now - in particular how I can make the player perform a certain action or make them feel a certain way.

"These are the kinds of things I put a lot of thought into realising the third Lost Planet. In that regard, it kind of makes good on a lot the lingering ideas we had for the series in general."

Although it would be fair to call the game open-world, producer Andrew Szymanski has said LP3's world functions like "a 'hub and spoke' system" where "areas in the world have branching paths" that can be explored provided you've got the right equipment.


Series fans will be happy to hear the grappling hook will be making a return in Lost Planet 3 too. It all sounds a bit Metroid to us, which we're a-ok with.

As with all good open-worlds, EDN III will have plenty of NPCs to chat to and side quests to complete. Gear can be upgraded and players will be able to construct their very own bipedal mech Rigs using custom parts unlocked during the campaign.

Taking the leading role is the innocuously named Jim, a miner and one of the first human colonists on EDN III. His job is simple: to mine for minerals while trying not to fall prey to the hostile indigenous Akrid. Jim is set up to be a likeable hero, he's a loving father, a hard worker, and a dependable Rig pilot for mining corporation NEVEC.

Finally, "There will be multiplayer," confirmed Szymanski. "We aren't giving away the details, but there will be multiplayer - it's a very important part of the franchise, and it's very important to us."

Read more details - and see the first screens and video - in our Lost Planet 3 preview.