'American Revolution is the perfect setting for Assassin's Creed 3'

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On last week's mailbox Rob McFerran e-mailed in to say he thinks Mass Effect 3 ended the way BioWare intended and shouldn't be changed.

This week Mike Daws contacted us to say he thinks the American Revolution was the perfect place to set Assassin's Creed 3, and explains exactly why.

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The mixed reaction to Assassin's Creed III's reveal has shocked me! A look to history and the conspiracy theories that the game cribs from shows the American Revolution is the perfect setting. The Knights Templars
were real and tied to Freemasonry and the 1776 Bavarian Illuminati. This follows the lineage of the Templars and Abstergo in the game's mythology.

Famous Freemasons included George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, both signers of the Declaration of Independence, which dictated the "Novus ordo seclorum" or New World Order as featured on the one dollar bill. It's just under the image of the all seeing eye, another mark of the Freemasons. The Assassin's Creed logo itself mirrors the Masonic set square and compasses.

What can be more exciting than witnessing the birth of the modern world as formulated by such secret societies? Then playing through the Boston Tea Party or the battles of Saratoga and Chesapeake, knowing the stakes involved. There can be no better setting for this game! If you are still in any doubt, I defy you to play any of the previous games and not see that same triangular eye found on the seal of the American dollar bill. It has all been leading up to this!

XBW says: Interesting points Mike, and themes that are very likely to be explored throughout the course of Assassin's Creed III. Although many different theories were banded-about before Ubisoft's offcial announcement of AC3 (we even had a crack at predicting the setting, choosing Victorian London and Revolutionary Paris instead), the US setting does make sense.

What supports your theories even more is that George Washington will be in the game, and the first trailer does suggest you'll take part in the battles of Saratoga. We also know new hero Connor will visit Boston, so perhaps he will take part in the Tea Party too. We like the way you think, Mr Daws.

CVG says: Preaching to the choir Mike, we fell down the Wikipedia well a few weeks ago and dug into some of the things you've mentioned. We're well up for it now.