Microsoft to 'further monetize' Xbox Live subscribers, CV reveals

LinkedIn profile points to 'new strategy' to kick off Christmas 2012 - What is it?

Microsoft will implement a new strategy to 'further monetize' Xbox Live subscribers this year, according to a LinkedIn profile.


Group product planner, Praveen Rutnam revealed on his online CV: "Developed strategy to further monetize Xbox LIVE subscriber base that will be implemented for holiday 2012."

It's unclear what Microsoft's new Xbox Live "strategy" could be at this stage, although the default reaction would be to hit the comments with 'OMG they're putting the price up' hyperbole.

As Joystiq points out, there could be a far more rational explanation to Microsoft plans, including the rumoured move away from Microsoft Points towards a standard monetary system.

If you properly want to stick on your speculation hats, it could also - maybe - have something to do with the rumoured console-wide 'online pass' system supposedly being adopted by the next Xbox. Although probably not.

Either way we'll let you know if any more comes from this.