First Skyrim DLC screenshot released? All will be revealed 'tomorrow'

Bethesda may be about to pull back the curtain on the game's debut DLC pack

Bethesda may have published the first screenshot of the debut DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


The image to the right was posted on the Bethblog Twitter account this afternoon alongside a tease simply saying "tomorrow".

As first spotted by our eagle eyed friends at OXM, the male character's appearance brings to mind the RPG's tall and fair-haired Nord race.

Bethesda said last week that it is "hard at work" on the first Xbox 360 timed exclusive Skyrim DLC pack, which will introduce new quests, locations, features "and much more", and that it hopes to "officially announce it soon".

Here's what we want to see from Skyrim DLC. What do you want to see?

English language Kinect support for Skyrim is set to launch during the week beginning April 23.

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