Sony reveals more free software for Vita

Three more free applications on the way

Sony has confirmed three new applications that Vita owners will be able to download for free in the coming months.


First up will be Paint Park, releasing tomorrow. Paint Park is a simple-looking sketching app that lets you draw pictures and take photos with the front and rear cameras to doodle on before sharing your creations with friends online.

Coming in summer is Treasure Park, "an application that allows you to create your own puzzles to challenge your friends with," according to Sony, with Near functionality built in to let you share and download creations.

The third app, Wake-Up Club, will also arrive in summer, and turns your Vita into a colourful-looking alarm clock that can apparently "sync up with other PS Vita users who set their alarm for the same time".

Head through the source link for screens.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]