CVG: Comments of the Week

"Those who live by committee, die by committee"

While the weather here in Blighty has been depressingly glum we were delivered a singular ray of sunshine earlier this week by Sony, which finally announced God of War Ascension, the latest game in its 'man kill everything' action franchise.

Beyond that, there's been plenty for you fine readers to discuss: Codemasters has undergone a change, a free 'starter' version of Diablo 3 leaked, Bethesda confirmed Prey hasn't been cancelled and much more. As always you've been out in force chatting away about this week's news.

We've selected a few comments that have stuck with us and placed them below.

Call of Duty sales 'slowing down'

Sooner or later the bloom has to fall off this rose too. Perhaps the problem is that people are getting a bit sick of Call of Duty. Especially with as many alternatives as are out there right now.

You could be right solamon77, market saturation of the genre has got to be having a big impact on the popularity of shooters

EA: Poor Battlefield 3, Old Republic performance 'result in layoffs'

We all know a few things EA should have done that would have saved this from happening. .

- They shouldn't have hyped Battlefield 3 so much. .

- They should have hyped Shadows of the Damned more. .

- They shouldn't keep paying for Rooney's hair transplants as part of his FIFA cover contract. He's going through about 8 grands worth every two days now.

- Larry Probst and John Riccitiello should have posed for pictures with a group of children while handing them puppies and smiling. Everybody loves puppies. .

As much as we wish Shadows of the Damned has received more of a push, it was always destined to have a small cult following. Sorry El Mag, we wish it was different too.

GAME's problems 'hurt Syndicate sales'

Those who live by committee, die by committee

A poignant and poetic commentary on the state of development from Praetor1

Halo 4 release date is November 6, report claims

major nelson gets all the ladies

Errr, ok. Thanks for the input general-gaming

Halo 4 multiplayer footage features Conan O'Brien crying like a baby

Is Halo online any good ? I got a closet Sony Defence Force member on my friend list on the psn always saying how rubbish Halo is or as he calls it Gaylo ... im not trying to start a fight here but he says Resistance and Killzone s**t all over it He owns a p.c so he's probably played it at some point,

Obvious troll is obvious. Points for being gutsy though YouStoleMyKill

Transformers license 'is a blessing and a curse' - High Moon Studios

Other good licensed games:

- The Witcher series

- Various Dungeons & Dragons games (especially the Eye of the Beholder series and the Baldur's Gate series)

- Various Middle Earth/Lord of the Rings games (especially the Battle for Middle Earth series, and if you're old enough the original Hobbit text adventure - the first such game ever to have graphics IIRC)

- Discworld series

- Sam & Max series

- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

- Bladerunner

- Various Star Trek games (especially 25th Anniversary and Judgement Rites)

- Various Star Wars Games (especially the X-Wing series, the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series, and Knights of the Old Republic)

- Various Alien and Predator games (especially the 1999 Aliens versus Predator)

- Chronicles of Riddick series

- Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War

Well played nb_nmare2

God of War 4 trailer leaks online

It was going to get moans wherever it went with the story wasn't it. If they set it after 3 there'd be just as many people saying it didn't need it and couldn't go anywhere with everybody dead.

It'll certainly look shiny and some mofo's gonna get messed up, two things you can be sure of.

You're right El Mag, you can't please everyone, but you can give them mofos to mess up to keep them quiet.