Why Black Ops 2 will be better than Modern Warfare 3

5 reasons why Treyarch is poised to take the Call of Duty crown

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At first, we weren't sure whether we liked these combustible remote-controlled buggies or not. But the more hours we sunk into Black Ops' multiplayer, the more we realised how much fun an addition they are - regardless of whether you're the exploder or the explodee.


A warfield with an active RC-XD is a warfield fraught with panic, confusion and mayhem. As soon as the ominous beep-beep sound comes into earshot, everyone on the field scrambles stops what they're doing and instantly begins scrambling for higher ground, like a bunch of fifties housewives who have spotted a mouse.

Their panic is not misplaced. A direct collision with an RC-XD almost always results an instant kill. Throw in the existance of numerous hidden catacombs through which devious players could steer their bombs-on-wheels, and you have yourself a thrilling dynamic which was sorely missed in Modern Warfare 3.

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