Tactical espionage: How Kojima planted clues for Metal Gear Solid 5

MGS5 broke cover this week, but as PSM3 discovered, it has been leaving clues for over a year

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8. Project Ogre is the 'next MGS' aka MGS5?


s stated, Kojima has referred to 'Ogre' as subdued and only similar to his other projects on the surface. One recent tweet adds, "As for my Oni project, it's not "a game, that's as amazing as a demon", nor "a game whose production requires that we assume the heart of a demon", but "a game that involves a demon".

Our Japanese correspondent confirms that Oni can be translated as demon or ogre (among other ways), so it's likely Kojima's tweets describe 'Project Ogre'. Our correspondent's interpretation is that one of the characters in the game is a demon. Whether this is a literal, or figurative demon, is less clear. Kojima did tweet an image of a demonic figure with robot legs, which some websites claimed was 'Project Ogre's' protagonist, but this was debunked. The demon was a customized plastic model on the desk of one of the KJP production team, with Jehuty (the mech from Zone Of The Ender's) legs crafted on.

It's possible to link 'demons' to existing MGS characters. Vulcan Raven describes Solid Snake as battling 'as if possessed by a demon' in MGS on PS1. Raiden (aka Jack) fought as a child soldier in the Liberian civil war in 1989, earning the name 'White Devil'.

What is Ogre? Truth told, we don't know, but it's likely to be separate from the next MGS (Our bet? MGS5 on next-gen), and could be anything from a Metal Gear spin-off (or Peace Walker Vita sequel), to a massively multiplayer dating sim, to a demonic beat-'em-up. Koj adds Ogre will cover 'taboo' topics and link to real world issues.

9. Is it possible we could we see solid snake as a child?


The Les Enfants Terribles project that gives birth to Solid Snake (and brothers Liquid and Solidus) occurs in 1972, two years before the events of Peace Walker; when we expect the new game to begin. One plot strand might involve the smuggling/development of 'baby' Snake - but if the 'next MGS' extends to the development of Outer Heaven in the late 1980s, it creates the tantalising prospect of playing as teenage Snake. It's a nice duality with MGS4, so you'd see Solid at the start, and 'end' his life. Big Boss is Snake's 'dad', so it'd create a touching father/son inversion of the final scenes of MGS4 - all a bit Darth Vader/Skywalker twins.

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